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MJM Autohaus is a parts and accessories outlet located in San Antonio, Texas. Our goal is to achieve customer service and fair pricing that is second to none in our industry, offer products that we believe in and know to be the best for your vehicle, and to be there for you before, during, and after the sale of your product - whether it be a $5 or $500 part. We believe our goals in succeeding are accomplished only with hard work, a dedication to what we do, and unparalleled communication with our customers.

Our store front and warehouse is located in Northeast San Antonio, Texas. We are just North of the airport and minutes from Loop 1604 and I-35. We are open Monday - Thursday 10AM to 7PM and Fridays 10AM - 6PM. All times are CST. Feel free to call us anytime with any questions or drop by the office to chat if you are ever in the area.

Name:   Juan
Title:   Operations Manager, Customer Service, APR/REVO Software Tech
Import Scene Since:   1997
Personal Car:   1966 Beetle (Past)
1995 GTI VR6 (Present)
Interests:   Asian women
Racing jet skis
Cold Margaritas
VW Motorsports
The San Antonio Spurs
Building and designing things
Working his rear end off at MJM
Bio & Notes:   Introduced to Volkswagens via the air-cooled game, Juan is an information pot on the 12V VR6. Juan's responsibilities include anything from running the day-to-to operations, to customer service, to phone sales and support, to software flash and chip solder tuning, to building a VR6 short block should that be the task at hand. Juan is the "Jack of all trades" for us here at MJM and is considered the backbone of the operations. Future project plans for Juan include another air-cooled Beetle, as well as acquiring a MK5 2.0L FSI. Juan just hopes his MK5 will be able to keep up with black Corrado VR6s around town.

Name:   Kelly
AIM/YIM:   mjmautohaus
Title:   Wholesale Manager, Sales Department
Import Scene Since:   1992
Personal Car:   1992 Corrado VR6 Turbo (Present)
2005 Audi A4 1.8TQ Stage III+ (Present)
Way too many MK2s, Cabbys, Passats (Past)
Interests:   Basketball
VW/Audi stuff
Racing jet skis
Wife and children
Early 90s hip-hop
Broken Corrado VR6s
Bio & Notes:   Lured into the import scene during a brief stint in Southern California during the early 90's, Kelly knew where he had found his new love. Kelly heads up the wholesale department, helps maintains the website, handles marketing, as well as other sales related duties. Kelly also enjoys owning Corrado VR6s that don't like to act right and will soon be looking to add an E36 M3 project to his German stable bucket of bolts.

Name:   Charles
Title:   IT Manager, Sales Department, Warehouse
Import Scene Since:   1982
Personal Car:   2001 Jetta 12V VR6 (Present)
Interests:   Dreaming
European engineering
Audio and Visual sensory stimulation
The magic and mystery of the internet
Making all IT and computer things at MJM work right
Bio & Notes:   Charles considers himself the uber music elitist, yet an all around cool kinda guy around the office. He doesn't enjoy speaking very much and the chances of getting him to answer his wireless phone are little to none. Charles is nothing short of brilliant in respect to the programing, networking, and design of everything eletrical and computer related inside the wonderful world of MJM. Charles makes it all come together here at MJM. Despite working hard with the information technology skills he's been blessed with, Charles will not hesitate to throw down and party harder than Dre and Snoop in '93.

Name:   Chris
AIM/YIM/MSN:   chris@mjm
Title:   Technician and Fabricator
Import Scene Since:   1996
Personal Car:   Too many Rabbits to count (Present)
Too many Cabbys and MK2s to remember (Past)
Interests:   His daughter
A cold brewksi
Old school VWs
Drum and Bass beats
Fighting and cracking heads
Bio & Notes:   A certified factory BMW technician and A&P mechanic by trade, Chris is the uber installer, welder and fabricator here at MJM. Chris is a 100% old school water-cooled Volkswagen nut, too. Newer Volkswagens bore Chris, as A/C, comfort, leather seats, ABS, cruise control, and power windows just ain't his style. Give him a Rabbit with a big motor in it and he's good to go! Chris' Father also races Volkswagens in the oval racing circuit here in Texas, so the love for German metal runs in the family with Chris and he's been around them since he was merely a child.

As seen in his picture, he also has the biggest tattoo in Texas of a Volkswagen emblem on his right arm. We've yet to find a bigger one 'round these parts. His other arm sports a tattoo of the BMW logo. A few of Chris' hobbies include beer keg stands and fighting with anyone that wants to get their faces crushed in. Chris is a die-hard UFC fan and is currently training to be a cage fighter

Name:   Debra
AIM/YIM:   debra@mjm
Title:   Administration
Import Scene Since:   1985
Personal Car:   1992 GTI 8V (Past)
1965 Mercedes SL (Past)
Interests:   Gardening
Walks on the beach
Overloading Ebay's server
Dreaming of her old 65' SEL convertible
Bio & Notes:   As the backbone of operations at German Car Specialists in Houston back in the 80's, Debra is no stranger to German cars. The success achieved by MJM was greatly due to Debra's efforts. Debra's 65' SL converible was the mutt's nutts and what every European enthusiast wanted in his/her stable. May it rest in peace.

Name:   Ben
Title:   Warehouse, Sales Department
Import Scene Since:   2003
Personal Car:   1996 Jetta VR6 (Past)
1996 GTI VR6 (Present)
Interests:   Shooting guns with friends
Hunting helpless animals in the woods
Sanding down and polishing VR6 manifolds
Wrecking into walls with Audi A4 1.8T Quattros
Kicking it with his car club members from
Bio & Notes:   Ben helps take care of warehousing duties and shipping out in-stock orders from inventory. Ben is also currently attending college in hopes of educating himself and earning a degree in mechanical engineering. When he's not working dilligently shipping out MJM customer orders, Ben likes to dress up in camoflauge and find himself lost within the shrubs and bushes out in the Texas hill country. Ben also claims that all the ladies find him adorable. According to Ben, he does not consider himself a party animal, but just a fella that likes to have fun.

Name:   Jason
Title:   Wholesale Manager, Sales
Import Scene Since:   1999
Personal Car:   2000 GTI 1.8T GT2871R (Present)
2004 Audi 1.8T Quattro (Present)
2002 Jetta 1.8T (Past)
2006 Jetta GLI 2.0T (Past)
Interests:   Talking too much
Racing his Suzuki GSXR
Throwing back cold beers
Taking his toys to the track
Playing Halo III
Blowing the doors off MK3 turbos in his MK4
Bio & Notes:   Jason is the newest member of the MJM team and brings us many years of experience from the manufacturering side of the business. Jason heads up the wholesale department and duties include outside sales and business-to-business relations. From cars to bikes, Jason is an all out balls-to-the-wall speed junky. Too fast isn't fast enough for Jason. Jason also happens to own one of the faster big turbo MK4 1.8Ts in Texas. Just don't remind him that it's silver.


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